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  1. YIN, J-H. (2003). “A Double Cell Triaxial System for Continuous Measurement of the Volume Changes of Soil Specimen in Triaxial Testing”. Patent application has been registered and in progress (Chinese Patent Number: ZL01230571.5).
  2. Yin, J-H (2009). “A New Pullout Box with Special Water Sealing Devices for Application of Back Water Pressure, Vertical Pressure and Axial Load” (Chinese Patent Number: ZL200410094639.7).
  3. Yin, J-H. (2005). “A Truly Triaxial Cell with Combination of Innovative Rigid Sliding Plate Loading and Flexible Membrane Loading” (Chinese Patent Number: ZL200410094697.X).
  4. Yin, J-H and Jin Wei (2005). “A New Optical Fibre Sensor Based Technology for Measuring the Length and Quality of Soil Nails and Piles” (Chinese Patent No. ZL 200510006316.2).

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